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WoodenBoat Magazine

12 Essential Yacht Designers, Part 2

Burgess, Fife, Geary, Hunt, Rhodes, Stephens

by Dan MacNaughton

Getting Started in BoatsIn this issue, our subjects are Olin Stephens, Philip Leonard Rhodes, Charles Raymond Hunt, W. Starling Burgess, William Fife III, and Leslie Edward “Ted” Geary. In Part 1, the subjects were John G. Alden, William Atkin, Bowdoin Bradlee Crowninshield, William Garden, William Hand, and Nathanael Greene Herreshoff. As mentioned in Part 1, further reading about all of these designers and their work can be found in numerous WoodenBoat magazine articles or in biographies written about the designers or in books written by the designers themselves. The books listed at the end of each segment in Part 2, as in Part 1, are available through the WoodenBoat Store.