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WoodenBoat Magazine


The little boat goes a long way

by Tug Buse

Posted: March 04, 2012
Tags: boat building, pram-bowed, Bill Garden, small boat, WoodenBoat 224

March/April 2012, Number 225

Article spread from WoodenBoat magazineIn 2004, the author took a job in Sioux City, Iowa. Having been raised on salt water, he found it a tough assignment to be a thousand miles from the nearest seashore. Three years later, he “escaped” down the Missouri River in a 14′ boat he’d built himself. His route took him down the Missouri to the Mississippi, into the Gulf of Mexico, and then up the U.S. East Coast to Maine. This articles is both a profile of ADVENTURE, the stout, pram-bowed, Bill Garden-designed 14-footer in which he made the trip, and an illustration of the possibilities opened by a humble small boat.