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13' 9" Rice Lake Skiff lines

The Rice Lake Skiff is sure to be a very useful boat at the cottage for fishing, rowing or just knocking about.

Chaa Creek Expedition

The Chaa Creek Expedition serves well for long distance tripping with heavy loads.

C1 marathon racing 18-6

A specialized canoe for the racing enthusiast, This racing C1 is designed to the marathon racing rules and hence the unusual shape.

Freedom 17'9" photo 1

The Freedom series has gained back the turning ability found in traditional canoe shapes, without sacrificing the speed of the modern hull


This Bear Mountain design is an efficient wilderness canoe that has proven exceptionally seaworthy.

Freedom 17

Modern and efficient, the Freedom 17 is a fast responsive tripping canoe that's also easy to build.


For those beautiful days out for lunch on the river or an evening on the lake by yourself, this is the boat.

Nomad 17

The Nomad is long, sleek, easy to plank and easier to paddle.

16' Lorna

The Lorna has a slim sweet hull for experienced paddlers.

16' Prospector

The 16' Prospector features a flattened, shallow arch hull with its fullness carried into the bow and stern, good depth amidships to maintain freeboard and deepened ends to keep paddlers and gear dry.

Peterborough Champlain

The Champlain is a good traditional style general purpose recreational canoe.

16' 0" Canadien lines

A narrow beam and shallow arch hull make the Canadien ideal for general-purpose paddling and light tripping.

Huron Cruiser

The Huron Cruiser has good carrying capacity while retaining a light draft, and is an easy paddling craft that can be handled well in rough or swift waters.

Cottage Cruiser

This boat is happy playing near the beach, on portages or off on a two week canoe trip.

15' 3" / 16' 2" Freedom Solo

The Fredom Solo is short, light, medium tracking and therefore medium manoeuvrability, low freeboard, narrow, and offered in two lengths.


If you are looking for a canoe in the fifteen foot range with some history and good all round paddling characteristics, this might be the one you are looking for.

15' 0" Hiawatha lines

The Hiawatha is a general purpose recreational canoe of light displacement, designed in the tradition of contemporary American cruisers. A good solo canoe, it is also very fast and responsive.

Freedom 15

Like its sisterships, the Freedom 15 features an asymmetrical hull with a fine bow and slightly fuller stern. Great for camping, day trips, fishing and just playing around.

Bob's Special

An extremely light weight canoe of good carrying capacity, it is very steady and easy to portage through the brush.

13-0 Rob Roy

A classic double paddle solo canoe. This hull design has been built in many versions, from a simple light weight fast cruising canoe, to a full decked version of bookmatched walnut veneer.


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