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Freedom 15

Like its sisterships, the Freedom 15 features an asymmetrical hull with a fine bow and slightly fuller stern. Great for camping, day trips, fishing and just playing around.

15' 0" Hiawatha lines

The Hiawatha is a general purpose recreational canoe of light displacement, designed in the tradition of contemporary American cruisers. A good solo canoe, it is also very fast and responsive.


If you are looking for a canoe in the fifteen foot range with some history and good all round paddling characteristics, this might be the one you are looking for.

15' 3" / 16' 2" Freedom Solo

The Fredom Solo is short, light, medium tracking and therefore medium manoeuvrability, low freeboard, narrow, and offered in two lengths.

Cottage Cruiser

This boat is happy playing near the beach, on portages or off on a two week canoe trip.

Lynnhaven 16 canoe

16ft Plywood stitch & glue touring canoe.


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