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CLC Tandem

ANDIAMO, CLC Tandem Annapolis Wherry

This is my first ever build. It’s from a CLC Tandem Annapolis Wherry kit that my wife gave me for Christmas. Long, cold winters in Wisconsin made for an enjoyable way to spend time indoors. The boat was launched last May, when the ice cleared from our local lakes. I used it all summer and fall with my rowing partner for fun and fitness.

Construction is Okume plywood lap-stitch on Okume bulkheads. Encapsulated epoxy, and bottom-sheathed in fiberglass. Painted outsides, varnished insides. Inside floor non-slip paint. Piantedosi drop-in row-wing units. Concept 2 sculls.

Launching Date:
Sat, 05/04/2013
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