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35′ Eldredge-McInnis sloop
WB No. 209

MIRACLE, 35′ Eldredge-McInnis sloop

MIRACLE is an International Marine 35 Sloop of 1961 that’s been kept in sailing condition and is ready for use without a major restoration. She’s in decent shape, but the owners say a new engine and sternpost are among her needs. They’ve owned MIRACLE for 25 years and cared for her themselves, so are in a position to know. She’s just under 35' overall with a 10' beam and 4' 8" draft (centerboard raised). She was built in Honshu, Japan, with a double-planked hull of mahogany on Japanese oak frames.

MIRACLE is located in Rhode Island; you can contact owners Phoebe and Bro Dunn at 508–336–4622 or 508–567–9284; phoebeleed AT gmail DOT com.



Submitted by bro dunn on

Just to let you know. Miracle is at a slip at Cove Haven Marina. in Riverside R.I. awaiting haulout. She had a wonderful season with a three week cruise of the Bay and Islands and a four day charter. She continues to impress and amaze me and all who know her. Yes she is still available. She will be in my backyard for the winter.

Submitted by patlown on

Bro-- Thanks for the update. Is the contact info listed above for you and Phoebe still good?

Submitted by Stephen Wolfe on

Miracle has a new owner as of the beginning of the 2014 sailing season. She is currently being sailed on Buzzards Bay and improvements are gradually being made to her. If you are interested in being notified if Miracle becomes available in the future, please send your contact information to the new owner:

Stephenwolfe108 AT gmail DOT com