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34′ Culler liveaboard ketch
WB No. 211

PLOVER, Culler liveaboard ketch
PLOVER sail plan

This 34′ Pete Culler liveaboard ketch was built by Concordia Co. in 1971 for a man who wanted to live aboard year-round in New England waters, and be able to sail the boat, by himself, in season.

Since appearing in Save a Classic, PLOVER has a new owner and is poised to have her transom and stem replaced this year. Her owner reports that he will do the work on PLOVER himself at home, where he has a woodworking shop. When PLOVER is restored, her owner plans to live aboard, cruise for a year, and then to take stock.

If anyone has information about PLOVER’s original owner, Fred Stanton, to share with her present owner please post a comment below and we will put you in touch with each other.



Submitted by vic cutts on

What is the current status of the Plover? Saw a portion of WB forum back in 2009, talking about the Plover, however doesn't say its current condition.

Submitted by patlown on

Vic—I am trying to track  down Plover’s owner—she has changed hands at least once since her listing in Save a Classic. You could try posting a “where is she” on our online forum.

Please post here if you learn anything about her and I will do the same. Regards, Pat Lown, WB research director

Submitted by patlown on

Vic--PLOVER has a new owner who intends to restore her this year. Thanks for your inquiry.

Submitted by trull on

I helped build Plover at Concordia and have some photos I took during the build. I would like to share them with the current owner.

Submitted by patlown on

trull--I will be in touch w/owner's contact info.

Submitted by germslayer on

I would love to see the pictures you have from building Plover. Fred Stanton was my grandfather and I'm trying to put together some family history. Accounts I've heard from his sister said that the Plover was meant to honor the family's sailing tradition.

Submitted by Steve Treadwell on

We owned Plover from 1987 to 1995 and then sold her. We saw her listed for free several years ago in WoodenBoat magazine. We’re interested in knowing what her current status is. Thanks.

Submitted by germslayer on

I'm pretty sure the Fred Stanton you're referring to is my grandfather. He passed in 2002, and I'd love to get some pictures of the boat. Sailing was his passion.

Submitted by streadwell on

My husband and I owned Plover from 1987 to 1995. We have lots of great pictures if you are interested.