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Wooden Boat Upgrade

It was my beloved (wooden) Jet 14 hull #217 c. 1958 CHARCOAL that stood (I should say- floated) between me, my aforesaid 14-footer, and an adorable 5 footer named Sheryl. I sold the boat to balance my checkbook sufficiently to purchase an engagement ring, which I presented to my crew as she feigned slumber on a sagging couch in the Trophy Room at Red Bank, N.J.’s Monmouth Boat Club. There is hope for all you owners of aging wooden boats.

PS: The ring was not enough! When next I bought a boat the pressure was on to name the boat “Sheryl” . I had grander ideas . . . She shows SECOND FIDDLE on her transom; on her transom, not on Sheryl’s !


Submitted by Robert I. Tepper on

I say that sailor is 'clewless'