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Irish Gandelow Racing in Limerick

Gandelow racing on the Shannon
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 to Thursday, May 1, 2014

As part of Ireland’ “National City of Culture for 2014” celebrations, Limerick will be hosting gandelow racing on the Shannon River (exact dates in May to be confirmed). The wooden boats used will be hand made during the spring at the “Ilen School and Network for Wooden Boat Building”, see for details.

Shannon River, Limerick, Ireland.

Gary McMahon gary [at]


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Please note that the programme of Gandelow races has changed, apologies:

- Dublin, 23rd April, as part of the Battle of Clontarf festival, see:

- Venice, 1st May, as part of the Asparagus Festival ("Festa della Sparesca") races at Cavillino.

- Limerick, September (date to be announced depending on tides and weather).

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If you missed these events, you can see the photographs of these 'wonderful ethereal Irish boats' on the water here: