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48′ Commuter yacht
WB No. 165


Submitted by John Work on

Where is she and photos?

Submitted by patlown on

Unfortunately we have not been able to post photos (yet) of her. I believe that she is still in Philip Ludlow's ownership, as she was when published in WB No. 165. Contact may be philipcludlow AT Please let me know if that doesn't work. Regards, Pat Lown WB research assistant

Submitted by patlown on

John--When published in WB No. 165, FORTUNA III was in Ontario; believe that she is still in Canada. --Pat.

Submitted by JFHammond on

I talked to the owner a couple of springs ago and the boat was still blocked up with all the parts from the interior put away for safe keeping. She had her garboards removed and looked re-buildable. I was interested in using her in Port Dover Ontario for chartering. Re-power with diesel or electric and use bow thrusters for easier docking. I hope to go north and see the boat before the spring arrives next year and work out a deal. The owner has an Elco Cruisette instead now and is using that boat on the canal next to his property in Ottawa, Ontario. He will send pics if you wish to see more. It would be great to see her restored next to the place where she would be launced. Now ,...where did I misplace that $500,000 dollars?

Submitted by patlown on

JFHammond—Thank you for your update. We would appreciate photos—if the owner would post them (and contact info) that would be great. If he prefers, he can email info/photos to us and we'll post them.

Thanks, Pat Lown, Wb research director

Submitted by JFHammond on

I do have pics. I will e-mail them so they can be posted.