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Damian McLaughlin Jr Corporation

Category: Boat Builders
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The process of building a custom boat can be a total pleasure. From the first conception of your desires thru the design, construction, launching and trials there will be very few days if any that will not contain a comfortable feeling about the project. Anticipation of times to be spent on your very own creation will abound.

“It is my opinion that some of the designs that we have built are true works of art, treasures to behold on the mooring and regal majesty under sail. The owners of these craft should be applauded for they have enriched the lives of all of us. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I believe there are few that would quarrel with this opinion”

Damian McLaughlin

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Damian McLaughlin Jr. Corporation
294 Sam Turner Road
North Falmouth
United States