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32′ Atkin ketch
WB No. 203

ERIC, 32′ Atkin ketch
ERIC, 32′ Atkin ketch

ERIC represents a rare opportunity to save a pure cruising vessel of interesting pedigree. Her lines were scaled down and adapted by William Atkin from the famous Colin Archer–designed Redningskoites—the sailing lifesaving vessels of Norway. Appearing in numerous articles and in the book Of Yachts and Men, written by her designer, ERIC was, in 1925, the first widely publicized design to bring Scandinavian influence to American yacht design at a time when small yachts were first tackling ambitious offshore voyages. More recently, her hull was the basis for the fiberglass Westsail 32. ERIC appears in a sidebar entitled “The Best Boat for the Worst Weather” on pages 36 and 37 of WB No. 169.

She has a salty visual appeal that stands out from the crowd. But she was built with iron fastenings, and she has gone as far as she can without a rebuild. Rust has deteriorated the cedar planking to the extent that she must be replanked. About 12 years ago, the current owner began this process using glued mahogany strip planking and copper rivets, and completed approximately one-third of the hull. Then the boat was relaunched and used for several more years. Materials are available to continue this replanking strategy, but if a future owner prefers a more traditional approach, what has been done could be removed. Required work also includes re-covering the decks, and the bulwarks have been removed in preparation for this.

Frames revealed during the initial replanking were mostly in good condition, but some will definitely need repair or replacement. The massive yellow-pine centerline structure is believed to be still good except for some rot in the top of the main keel timber. The boat requires complete refinishing inside and out along with new sails and possibly an engine. A professional survey could reveal more and is recommended.

The price is negotiable, but ownership will be transferred only to someone who will commit to the necessary work at a reputable yard, and will keep ERIC reasonably true to her original design.

For more information or to inspect ERIC, which is located in Northport, Maine, contact owner Dan MacNaughton, 50 Main St. South, Searsmont, ME 04973; 207–342–2629.