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WB No. 238
An Atkin Gaff-Rigged Cruising Ketch

Atkin gaff-rigged ketch

Here’s a wholesome cruising boat that you can pretty much climb aboard and use—after her masts are stepped and the sails are bent on, that is. But that’s not to say there’s no work ahead. Her rust-streaked hull has to be painted; there’s refastening; keelbolts (although renewed in the 1960s) should be checked; the 1985 engine hasn’t been run in a couple of years; there’s some rot in the stem; and at least one plank has to be replaced. Even so, there’s a lot of usable boat here, and she comes fully equipped. KRISTEN (ex-TRUANT) lies afloat at Fort Rachael Marina, Mystic, Connecticut.

Stitch & glue Pocketship gaff-rigged yacht
Sydney, Australia
1 Dec 2012
Designer: John Harris
Builder: Bob Fuller
LOA: 15'

Launching Date:
Sat, 12/01/2012
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