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George Lawley & Sons

62′ Paine & Lawley racing cutter
WB No. 166

 62′ Paine & Lawley racing cutter; WB No. 166.

50′ Lawley gaff-rigged sloop
WB No. 194

VEGA, 50′ Lawley gaff-rigged sloop

VEGA, a Lawley-built sloop of 1905, is a survivor. A new owner who commits to a thorough rebuilding will be rewarded with a rare prewar classic.

Bob Guess launched this Lawley Madelon yacht tender on August 1, 2001. She is planked with white juniper cedar on laminated white oak ribs. Each strake is epoxied to its neighbor. The trim is mahogany. The tender has a length of just over 9' with a beam of 48." David sails her in Lynnhaven Inlet and Chesapeake Bay. The plans are available from Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT. Contact Bob at

Launching Date:
Wed, 08/01/2001
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