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Getting Started in Boats

Posted: October 17, 2012
Tags: brushes, varnish, linseed oil, Getting Started in Boats

In the Getting Started in Boats supplement in WB No. 229, we presented basic instructions on varnishing. That article included a discussion of varnish brush care, which inspired contributing editor Maynard Bray to tell us about a simple technique he’s used for years for maintaining badger-hair brushes. In the following words and photos, Maynard shares that technique. —Eds.

Posted: August 20, 2012
Tags: Getting Started in Boats, workbenches, Jan Adkins

Workbenches for BoatBuidingThis series is our way of beguiling you. We’re saying, start small, learn as you work, and we can pretty much guarantee fascination. Boats are fun.

In a nutshell, we want you to discover the fun. And we want you to pass it on. We want some of the old ways and wisdoms to carry on through you and your kids.

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Posted: June 06, 2012
Tags: Getting Started in Boats, tools, boatbuilding

Cover photoAfter selecting the plans for your first boat and finding a suitable location for a shop, it’s time to round up the tools to build it. No question about it — having the right tool for the right job can make a project flow easily and expeditiously. Most people contemplating building a boat will probably already have some basic household tools, and some of these will be useful in boatbuilding.

Tools for the Boatbuilder
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