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Herreshoff Marine Museum After School Mentorship Program

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Youth enrolled in the after-school program work alongside the Museum’s skilled staff, and volunteers, to learn the skills and art of caring for, preserving and restoring the Herreshoff 12 1/2s used in the summer sailing program. The classroom is in the same complex of 19th century buildings where the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. designed and built the boats.

The goals of the program are to help young people gain valuable skills, while contributing to their community’s rich cultural heritage and modern industry. The curriculum covers shop safety; shop cleanliness; planning a project and sequencing work efficiently; wood varieties and their respective properties; how to sand; primer and paint application; varnish application; brush cleaning; and hand tool use.

Hours: 3:00 – 5:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Phone: (401) 253-5000
28 Burnside Street
Bristol, RI 02809 USA

Category: Wooden Boat Building, Boat Repair & Restoration


Submitted by dflickwir on

Is there a list of the handtools required of a student? Can this be forwarded to me?

Submitted by gregs on

I would suggest that you go to their website contact page and ask them directly.