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Joel White 7'7" Nutshell Pram

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Joel White Nutshell Pram

This boat was built this past winter, and would like to start on the 9′ Nutshell as soon as possible. This Nutshell is a rowboat only, but has extra support under the midship thwart. The transoms, frames, and thwarts are all reclaimed elm from one barn beam that was harvested and used locally. The planks are solid Okume and are a little thicker than 3/8″. The bottom is 1/2″ Okume, reinforced on the bottom with 6 oz cloth, and also has biaxal tape stiffeners on the inside. The keel is solid Okume with a bronze wear strip. The hardware is Davey & Co. from RW Rope, and the line is Hempex around the Gunwale. All silicon bronze screws throughout the boat. Epoxy barrier coat with polyurethane paint inside and out.

Delivery within the US.

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Contact Information

Mark Hawkins
1031 12th Ave
Green Bay