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T*Boat photo 1.

What your viewing is a T*Boat. This particular version is the T*5 (fifth generation). The T*6 version is presently under development and due to be in the marketplace as a Kit-built boat around the 1st of the year.

Happy Hour Fishing Kayak

This design was inspired by Ross Lillistone's “Water Rat”. The bow transom was replaced by a pointed stem. Also the internal volume and from there the displacement of the boat were increased by about 20%.

sail kit for kayaks

The Sail kit allows you to transform the canoes NINFA, NAIADE and ONDINA, in small sailing trimarans for coastal cruising with minimal efforts.

Strip Kayak SKIMALONG II profile and overhead

A stable (28 1/2″ beam) strip-built touring kayak.

Planked up with 1/4″ cedar strips.

Construction: Strip planked.

Lofting is required.

Plans include 4 sheets.

Sea Kayak SEGUIN profile

Fast and slim, Seguin’s 21 1/2″ beam will challenge and reward experienced paddlers.

Built of 4mm plywood, this hard-chined, stitch-and-glue sea kayak includes a retractable skeg that will provide balance and control.

17’ Kayak, Endeavor

Steve Killing’s design is fast becoming well-known, in part due to the Endeavour being build in many a WoodenBoat School class, as well as being the featured boat in the Ted Moores book Kayakcraft.

Alford Sea Kayak, Tursiops profile

With her 28″ beam, substantial flare, and sweetly shaped ends, she loves rough water.

Her plywood hull is one of the prettiest we've seen.

Construction: Plywood over web frames.

Lofting is required.

Petrel Play photo 1

Paddlers are demanding versatility AND performance from their sea kayaks these days. Little by little, designers like Nick Schade are squeezing huge performance out of compact dimensions.

Petrel SG on the beach

Nick Schade’s line of strip-planked Greenland-style sea kayaks are renowned for sophisticated performance on the water, beautiful lines, and sculptural hull details. But strip-planked boatbuilding is not for everyone.

Shearwater Sectional in 3 pieces

Developed by Chesapeake Light Craft, LLC, with designer Eric Schade, the 14′6″ Shearwater Sectional is a performance-oriented kayak that successfully bridges the gap between high performance, comfort, and stability.

Ribka photo

Sea Kayak reasonable size, Ribka is stable, fast maneuvering and has a good tracking. This makes it an ideal kayak for the day hike. The plan is adaptable for small and large paddlers .

Paddle To Seattle

The Coho is one of our best sellers for both day paddles and as a touring kayak. She has drawn high praise from a 5'2" woman and a 6'2" man alike, and is suited for both novice and advanced paddlers.

Pinguino 145 Wood Kayak Kit

Stable, comfortable, and well-mannered, the Pinguino is great for fishing, bird watching and photography. She is the perfect kayak for messing about in mild rivers, lakes, ponds, wetlands, and coast.

Okwata 15-26

A 15' x 26" recreational/light touring kayak.

Sabalo Sit On Top

Sit On Top, Stitch and Glue kayak

Solo microBootlegger

An elegant recreational kayak

microBootlegger Profile

A decked double paddle canoe reminiscent of mahogany runabouts


SIRENETTA is a mini kayak conceived for young people, but it may be used also by adults. The flat bottom and the reasonably large beam make it safe and suitable for beginner canoeists.


ONDINA is a kayak designed with little compromise and destined to those who wish to experience long excursions at sea, it is pleasant to row, stable and, above all, fast.


NAIADE is a little bit shorter than classical sea kayaks but it is perfectly suitable for pleasure trips in calm waters, under safe conditions, even for amateur paddlers.


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