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Boatbuilding and Boating Resources


20' 6" Reliance

This boat has a comfortable feel to it and a stability that makes kayaking in any weather comfortable.


The sharply raked stem and well shaped forward sections will provide increasing buoyancy as the Endeavour punches into large waves.

16' 6" Resolute lines

Developed in response to requests from heavier and wider paddlers who also wanted a shorter boat, this stable load carrier is excellent for the novice kayaker.

14' 0" Venture

The Venture has a perky feel with a springier sheer line, compact length and the upright bow.

Orca 21

A serious extended expedition touring kayak, double or triple, designed to carry a large load safely and with ample stability.

Petrel sea kayak bow

high performance sea kayak


Hyak is a single kayak designed for multi-day excursions and recreational racing.


Wood strip/epoxy plans and kits


Kiska is a wood strip/epoxy single kayak. Based on Greenland kayak lines, this low volume kayak is playful but tracks well


Skana is a single cockpit, wood strip kayak designed for multi-day use. The design is 17'4 in LOA with a max beam of 24". It has moderate rocker with average volume.


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