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Pulsar 50

With outstanding performance, a cruising-racing trimaran provides a fabulous sailing program:
Besides the possibility of racing, speed extends her range and distant cruise grounds may be reached during our too short holidays.

Pulsar 36

A trimaran is a good choice for those who want to get very high performance on a cruising boat.

Pulsar 33

A trimaran is an interesting answer to the problems of a small offshore cruising multihull.

Pulsar 31

A trimaran is an interesting answer to the problems of a trailerable coastal cruiser.

Pulsar 30

Pulsar 30 is a pure racing trimaran optimised for Multi 2000 racing in elapsed and corrected time. She has an outstanding racing record.

Pulsar 26

A trimaran is an interesting answer to the complex problems of a trailerable coastal cruiser-racer with comfortable accommodation and sparkling performance.

Pulsar 26 is a proven design which has cruised in family all around EUROPA.

Vik 183

Vik 183 is a cruising-racing development of the 180.
She benefits from deep daggerboards, a taller carbon mast, less cabins and great attention in keeping all weights amidships.

Vik 180

Vik 180 is an ultra-modern approach to the program of entertaining 8 guests in the best of comfort with a high average speed. Her length is not used to pile on many cabins but to give space, privacy, beauty and comfortable motion.

Vik 170

Vik 172 is the latest evolution from Vik 165 to obtain even more speed, comfort and style! She uses the latest technical progresses to facilitate her handling while short handed.

Among the standard features:

Vik 169

Vik 169 was specifically designed for easy one-off construction and customised for her exact sailing program.

The Lerouge Twin Keel System combines trouble-free drying out, low maintenance with good efficiency.

Vik 165

Vik 165 is derived from the famous Petter 55 reputed as the fastest cruising catamaran on the market having achieved 8,3 knots in 6 knots of true wind at her first trials and easily won her first races in elapsed time!

Vik 160 is an ideal compromise between speed and comfort.
She is customised on her rig, interior and deck layout to suit her exact sailing program.

Vik 152

50' High performance cruising catamaran

PuddleCat Adventure

Catamaran, 13 foot by 6+ foot wide. Wooden design using 1/4 ply and fiberglass covered. Single sailing Rig or optional Bi plane rig. Optional Cabin.


Build your own aluminum catamaran. We would like to present to you a simple way to build your own boat. All you need know is how to weld aluminum (and that’s easy to learn).


10m power catamaran


The Catamaran ROBERTS CAT 46


Euro CAT 2000 Plans and FULL SIZE frame patterns. Plans are also available for Aluminum or fiberglass construction. This catamaran was designed for personal use or charter work.


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