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A New Viking Knörr


First of all, I introduce myself: I’m from France, maried, eight children (one in Boise, Idaho), framer and other jobs on wood, only natural ones. I started the building four years ago and now she’s nearly finished (just a problem with the cooling system of the inside motor).

She’s made of oak (carpentry) and douglas pine (hull and deck).

I made the plan and all the stuffs, blacksmithing also and sails too.

I work on this “chantier” for 3500 hours and now I hope to sail first around West coast of France and after, straight to North.

I share this dream with my wife and children.

I do not know what to write with my poor english language.

May be you can have a look at this:

Thank you for the high quality of your web site.


Submitted by boscoplana on

Very amazing boat. I have a friend who want to build a similar viking vessel. Have you a blog or a web site with more information, pictures, etc?