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Power Outboard Boats

LYS stands for Lumber Yard Skiff. These rugged flat bottom work skiffs were originally designed to be built using materials readily found in most lumber yards- underlayment plywood and spruce framing.

Pelicano Shrimper

The drawing board of Sam Devlin has created another winner. The Pelicano Shrimper is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to maximize practicality in an 18' 4" package.

Delta 500

Planing vee hull.
6 persons capacity

Flat Pack View 1

An easy-to-build boat designed to ship as a kit in a flat pack box. Everything needed to complete the boat, except the motor, is included in the kit.


Ski race/ Offshore power boat

VILA 570

VILA 570 is the smallest of a family of three small planing cruisers boats ranging from 19’ to 22’.


The classical hull shape of old wooden runabouts of the 70’s combines perfectly well with the use of marine plywood. This allows SILVER 55 to be in the same time elegant and simple to build.


SCHIZZO is a simple, essential, versatil motorboat, suitable for novice boatbuilders.


SILVER 45 is a very classical small runabout capable of planing at full charge with a 25 to 40 HP outboard engine.


SILVER 333 is a very small classical runabout for one or two people which may easily be transported on top of a mid-size car roof.

Berry Point 26

The Berry Point 26 was designed to fulfill a need for a traditionally stylish, trailerable, moderately fast, and capable family cruiser. She had to be shallow draft, economical to operate and simple.

Almaguin 400

A versatile 4-metre open utility / runabout for river and inland lake use, built in taped-seam plywood.

Almaguin 500

A versatile, 5-metre utility runabout for cottagers, anglers and day trippers, ideal for the first-time builder.

Mark V 36 Commuter

Fuel efficiant outboard powered cruiser

Jon Buoy

A 12 ft. outboard-powered multipurpose jonboat.

Floom, RYD-29.6

Floom (RYD-29.6) is one in a series of river/houseboat designs. This version is available in two widths, 7' and 9'. The V bottom hull propels very easily, doesn't slap and is quite stable.


A 16' Classic Plywood Runabout



A 14' Classic Style Runabout


A 10' Plywood Runabout

Fast Skiff 12

The Fast Skiff 12, a simple, economical, easy to build and fast small planing boat.


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