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Posted: February 10, 2015
Tags: Mini Mocha, high-performance, micro, racing, sailboat, sport boat, accessible

Mini Mocha is a high-performance sport boat meant to be accessible to all sailors—including those with severe physical impairments. The canting keel provides good stability in the vertical position, and exceptional stability when swung to windward. Mini Mocha’s hull form is based on high-performance ocean racers. Because of her wide beam at the transom, she is steered by twin rudders. The generous sail plan includes a 195-sq-ft asymmetrical spinnaker. The bowsprit swings aft when not in use.

This tunnel boat was designed and built for racing in American Powerboat Association class Sport C.

Construction is skin on frame plywood using both exterior and marine grades. The cockpit is carbon/kevlar/foam composite for driver protection.

It is powered by a stock 2-cylinder, 40 hp Nissan/Tohatsu outboard motor for competition speeds in the 55-59 mph range.

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Launching Date:
Wed, 05/09/2012
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