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Flash 50

Short handed cruiser-racer

Flash 45

IRC short handed racer

Flash 40

Class 40 racing monohull

Flash 35

IRC cruiser-racer

Flash 30

Short handed offshore racer

Flash 26

Trailerable cruiser-racer. Flash 26 is designed to provide the best performance in a trailer able package.


MINUETTO SPRINT has been designed according to the rules of the Mini Transat Class as a fast, but not extreme, boat.



SAM is a pure racing boat built in composite with the sandwich technique. A prototype of this boat got a good result in World Championship of the class same years ago.


PUCK 550 REGATA has been designed with the intention of creating a MICRO CLASS easily and quickly realizable with the stitch and glue method, but able to compete seriously in the class.

Optimist Club Racer

Our version of the Optimist Pram, the "Club Racer"


singlehanded skiff


FALCO singlehanded skiff

VG30 Mk2

If you're an amateur boat builder and are looking for a high performance racing project, the VG30 Mk2 kit-plan-package for you! The 30 footer has always been a popular and practical racing boat.


The 30 footer has always been a popular and practical racer, particularly with amateur boat builders.

Didi 38

Didi 38 radius chine plywood cruiser/racer

Didi Mount Gay 30

Didi Mount Gay 30 radius chine plywood racer

Didi 26 with spinnaker

Didi 26 radius chine plywood trailer-sailer

Didi 23 tall rig

Didi 23 radius chine plywood trailer-sailer


Light displacement boat, that resume classic water lines into a modern conception.

Didi Mini

Didi Mini radius chine plywood Mini 650 racer


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