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Relaunchings Creates a Reunion

A couple years ago while reading WoodenBoat Relaunchings section I noticed a Thompson Runabout that had been beautifully restored. The restorer was Ron Fortucci from Easton MD. Back in 1972 I was stationed with a Ron Fortucci on the CGcutter Vigilant in New Bedford. We were drinking buddies as well as shipmates but due to transfers lost track of each other. When researching websites about boat building his name appeared on the CBMM website as a volunteer in the youth boat building program. I sent a email inquiry that got no response. So a year later the name comes back up in your magazine complete with a phone number. I called and lo and behold it was the same Ron but now Capt. Ron. We have been exchanging emails for a couple years and catching up with each other. It turns out we both volunteer at Maritime Museum and both are self employed working in home shops. This summer he and Sue attended a wedding in Maine and managed to stop in for a visit on the way home. Thanks to WoodenBoat we will continue to renew an old friendship.