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16' Gentleman's Runabout profile

A low-power, moderate-speed inboard runabout for protected waters.

Designed for sawn frames and batten-seam planking.

Construction: Battened-seam planking over sawn frames.

Lofting required.

Plans include 5 sheets.

28' Bermuda Runabout profile and overhead

The longest runabout we offer, this 28' high-speed, triple cockpit runabout will also require highly skilled builders, but oh, the rewards...

Construction: Battened-seam planking over sawn frames.

Lofting is required.

14' 10" Runabout, RASCAL profile

A modified V-bottom, with constant deadrise in its after sections.

Construction: Plywood and Mahogany over sawn frames

Alternative construction: Cold-molded, double laminated plywood

No lofting is required.

Custom 19 foot Barrelback

Original authentic copies are scarce for the 19 Barrelback, certainly no shortage of modified and self translated versions available.

Photo of Gentlemans Racer

A growing collection of Gentlemans Racers, inboards, outboards from designers such as Hacker, Zimmer, Switzer and Riva. Plans are in Adobe reader format able to be printed at any large print shop.

Runabout photo

When I first saw WoodenBoat Magazine’s boat design competition to design a modern wooden runabout, I was very excited. I’m sure most of the other competitors in this competition feel the same way.

Jimmy's boat

Beautiful 8 ft mahogany runabout with electric power. Great for children but will accommodate adult(s).

Albury Runabout

A fine outboard, smooth riding, seaworthy, and rugged. 40-120hp outboard.

Pretty Marsh

Good performance with modest horsepower, a soft and predictable ride. I/O or outboard, 80-200hp.

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