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52′ converted sardine carrier
WB No. 224

RUTH ANNE II, converted sardine carrier
RUTH ANNE II, galley
RUTH ANNE II, interior
RUTH ANNE II in September 2012.

A 52′ converted sardine carrier shown in WB No. 224, RUTH ANN II has been sold and is now a floating home for her new owners in Mystic, Connecticut.

The owners, Nick and Becky,  have sent an update:

We hauled with the intention of chasing a leak and sanding and painting the bottom. So far we have found some more work to do, but we have been lucky and friends and helpers have been showing up, tools in hand, unannounced. Walter Ansel, a shipwright friend from work, came the first day he heard we were out. He brought his daughter and they came with reefing hooks in hand. He said that these old novi boats need caulking mostly because they don’t do it often up there. Sure enough, she has mud holding most of her seams together. Right now about 1/5 of the boat is reefed out and we are going to start recaulking soon.

But...when we had started reefing we found a few loose butts, so we reefed nearly all the butts. Because they were reefed, we decided we should refasten them while we are at it. So as of now, all the butts are refastened with new screws, and while we were at it we refastened the hood ends, and even back 5 frames. When we reefed the port garboard, it seemed proud of the stem, all of a sudden it went POP and we realized there were no fastenings left, just caulking! We didn’t haul a minute too soon.

That’s all refastened now though, and is it ever a source of peace of mind. We scraped the whole bottom down to wood, and about half the topsides so far. There are at least 4 rotten planks topsides, but that’s not a hard job and can wait till we are back in. Our mechanic friend stopped by and started disassembling the stuffing box. He and I made new studs because the ones in there were bent, and he is going to repack it this week. We took off all the lead patches, reefed them out, and we were promised a proper gang of caulkers one night this week.

We also re-did the dutchmen forward on the port side of the keel, the galvy deck nails had all failed and it was coming off. Now it’s a beautiful piece of new Charles W Morgan offcut white oak!

We are super excited for all the improvements, we had Becky’s brother and a few IYRS students come help this weekend, we are making amazing progress. The people in the yard double glance us every time they walk by. I think they were skeptical at first, but we have a huge project complete every time they pass us now.

The fourth picture shows with the leak she had when we hauled, more pics to follow as soon as Becky figures out how to get them off her camera.