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Sailing 100-Year-Old Norwegian Galeas "Lun 2" For Sale

Category: Boats for Sale
Lun2 med-mooring
Lun 2 sailing
All the sails shown are available expect the mizzen topsail
Lun 2 at its current berth
Lun 2 at current berth

100-year-old Norwegian Galeas for sale (see “Lun 2” has 60' on deck and weighs 50 metric tons. At the moment “Lun 2” is berthed 80 miles south of San Diego, California in Ensenada. Lun 2 is registered in Germany and is in working condition. Ideally Lun 2 would return or visit Norway to celebrate its 100th birthday. The price is 80,000 Euro minus the cost to prepare Lun 2 for a safe oceanic passage. For a detailed description please email and we will send additional information.

Contact Information

Helmut Maske