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Small Boats

Posted: October 25, 2012
Tags: Small Boats, sail, power, paddle, oar

Small Boats spreads and coverSmall Boats 2013 features 21 small boats, including: A classic plywood runabout • A sail-and-oar beach cruiser • Sea Flea Hydroplane • A working-class skiff • A Gil Smith catboat, in miniature • ZEE K designed and built for Alaskan waters • The Lyman Runabout • A sailing canoe • A kit boat inspired by the Great Lakes Mackinaw • A svelte and versatile new kayak • A camp utility garvey

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Small Boats 2007 Cover and spread

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Small Boats 2007 presenting twenty-five trailerable small craft that can be stored and maintained at home.
112 pgs. $5.99 US., $7.99 Canada

25 Stowage Solutions and Rigging Details for Small Boats

Small Boats Cover and spread

Small Boats 2012 is special publication from WoodenBoat magazine dedicated to small power, sail, paddle, and row boats.

Small Boats 2012 has a lineup of over 20 small boats including—Amphibi-ette • Hampton Boat • Old Town Dinghy • Glen-L Mini-tug • Atkin XLNC inboard launch • Norwalk Islands 18 • Fox double-paddle canoe… and many more great boats!

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