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Sectional canoe

You can enjoy paddling easier and funnier with less budget because it’s made of plywood, sectional and you can build one in a week.

13'  7"  MACGREGOR Canoe profile

Beamier, but no less elegant than the Wee Rob, this more stable double-paddle canoe can carry sail better.

Any of the three lengths (13′ 6″, 15′ 8″, or 17′ 3″) can be built using the same plans.

12'  WEE ROB Canoe profile

Light, elegant double-paddle canoe for glued-seam lapstrake construction.

Can be built 12′, 13′ 7″, or 15′ 2″ from the same set of plans.

Construction: Glued lapstrake plywood.

Beaver Canoe profile

Construction: Strip planked and glass/epoxy sheathed.

Alternative construction: Cold molded, traditional wood and canvas lapstrake plywood.

No Lofting required.

Plans include 4 sheets.

Stickleback Canoe profile

Construction: Glued lapstrake plywood.

Alternative construction: Traditional planking, cold molded, strip plank, epoxy-fiberglass.

No Lofting required.

Plans include 5 sheets.

B. N. Morris Canoe profile

Thurlow provides you with three different construction alternatives: wood-strip planking, with frames; woodstrip frameless planking covered with fiberglass; and wood-canvas construction.

Sailing Canoe, Piccolo profile

Light, lapstrake-planked open canoe for sailing or double-paddling.

Construction: Lapstrake planking over steamed frames

Lofting is required

Plans include 4 sheets

Growler-Transom stern canoe

Growler is our new, highly versatile transom-stern cruising canoe, and “big sister” to our popular and highly acclaimed 12 ft. solo canoe, Newt.

Taiga Wooden Canoe

Designed with extended wilderness paddlers in mind, her easy handling, good stability and low weight (only 60 lbs) make the Taiga an excellent choice for weekend and day excursions as well.

15ft Daytrip Canoe

Small enough to load on top of a car, but large enough to seat two adults...

Trapper 15-35

8 plank stitch and glue canoe.


NEREIDE is the classical canoe used on lakes or rivers of North America. For the last two centuries it has been built with very slight differences in shape, which is in itself a guarantee of quality.

Fox Decked Double Paddle Canoe

Fox offers a near perfect blend of stability, versatility, performance and good looks on the water. She is a double-paddle boat suitable for camping expeditions or family outings and day trips.


A quickly, easily and inexpensively built solo canoe, that can be built by one person with hand tools in three days. Complete plans and step-by-step instructions. A great family boatbuilding project.

Swamp Rat

An easily built ,attractive, plywood pirogue/canoe.

Light Scherzando

Scherzando is a 12'10'' open canoe. The construction technique is a wooden basquet whith a canvas skin coated with epoxy or polyester. The plans include 7 station moulds, bow and stem at full escale.

Peace Canoe

A great family boatbuilding project! Build it in a weekend from a kit, or build it from plans using local materials.

Sassafras 12

An ultralight solo pack canoe weighing in at 26 lbs. Carry the boat in one hand, your paddle in the other.

Sassafras 16

Like many traditional canoes, the Sassafras 16 is symmetrical, bow and stern. This allows a solo paddler to sit facing backwards on the forward seat for better trim. An elegant lapstrake canoe for two

13-0 Rob Roy

A classic double paddle solo canoe. This hull design has been built in many versions, from a simple light weight fast cruising canoe, to a full decked version of bookmatched walnut veneer.


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