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 Li’l Longship, the latest addition to our extensive cradle boat fleet is designed in the spirit of the classic Viking Longship

We are proud to introduce Li’l Longship, the latest addition to our extensive cradle boat fleet.

Manta Marine Design - Cradle Boat Joey

Nice little cradle boat with rocking option. For more information please visit the website and look under portfolio/small boats

Original Gloucester Rocker photo

It’s hard to imagine you could make a nicer gift for your favorite munchkin. Created by Buckley Smith (author of Moonsailors) this animated rocking dory is oozing with personality.

Jordan Wood Boats-Jolly Boat Rocker

Jolly Boat is a rocking toy boat designed to provide years of make-believe nautical adventure for the young sailor, It is an adaptation of the classic flatiron skiff, a type that generations of “old salts” remember fondly as their first “real” bo

Jordan Wood Boats-Cradle Boat Papoose

This charming addition to our cradle boat fleet is adapted from a type known as a pram. Prams have transoms at both bow and stern, and are used extensively as tenders for larger vessels because of their roominess in a relatively short length.

Baby Tender from Jordan Wood Boats

The cradle boat Baby Tender is an adaptation of the classic yacht tender carried aboard many of the finest yachts during the time when wooden boatbuilding was truly an art. The boat has a length of 45 in. and a beam of 22 in.

Wee Pumpkin

Introducing Wee Pumpkin, the newest addition to our cradle boat fleet! Featuring full size patterns for all parts, a complete construction booklet, and a unique building system that is builder and baby-friendly.

Baby Tender II

Cradle Boat Baby Tender II, for the newborn sailor.

Boat bed single

Single bed for the kids in the shape of a boat. Very easy to build and looks fantastic.

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