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Posted: January 22, 2013
Tags: Herreshoff, Three Piece Stock Anchor

Folding stock anchor photo
Folding Stock Anchor.

Straight Stock anchor photo
Straight Stock Anchor.

This endeavor started very innocently as an exercise to satisfy my curiosity and then as often happens spiraled upward.

49′ Herreshoff Bar Harbor 31 sloop
WB No. 156

After being listed in WB No. 156, this 49′ Herreshoff Bar Harbor 31 sloop was shipped via England to Belgium where she’s being restored.

42′ Hand/Herreshoff power cruiser
WB No. 183

LITTLE GULL II photo courtesy Tucker Reynolds

No prospective buyer as yet has satisfied owner Tucker Reynolds’s criteria: someone who he feels will do the boat justice. Luckily, Little Gull is inside Tucker’s shed—on ice, as it were—so there’s no rush. We believe someone, someday will come along, take the boat under his or her wing, and give her the restoration she needs. Having a boat designed by William Hand and built by Herreshoff makes her unique. What a pedigree! She’s practical as well, having good accommodations, a handsome appearance, and the performance you’d expect from her designer and builder.

78′ Herreshoff cutter/ketch
WB No. 162


Update, Sept. 2015: DORIS is to be restored

46′ Burgess/Herreshoff Q-class sloop
WB No. 152

FALCON photo by John Anderson

“Save a Classic” can take only partial credit for getting this boat into the right hands. Word of mouth among the cognoscenti got FALCON a new and enthusiastic owner—two of them, in fact. The first of these was the late Konrad Ulbrich who had another FALCON of the same Universal Rule class (designed by Frank Paine, which he renamed HAYDAY, see WB No. 207), and the second and present owner is Gerald Rainer who also owns the lovely Herreshoff schooner MARY ROSE.

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