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Tenders and Prams

Unicat 2.4

A practical and stable 8' (2.4m) pram dinghy suitable for up to 3 adults.
Ideal for fishing or as a tender for larger boats.


kid sailing skiff


An easy and inexpensive to build, 8 ft. sailing pram


Easily to build, versatile, sailing pram


A 10 ft. traditional lapstrake-planked Norwegian style pram. Strikingly elegant but very practical rowing tender.

Dace - RYD-8.4

Dace - RYD-8.4 is a fat little yacht tender. Originally designed for carrying quite a load to and from a buddy’s 40′ yacht.

Eastport Pram

It rows, it tows and it sails; it's a convenient 7' 9" long and easy on the eyes; and it's a wonderful kit to build, taking a novice only 40-50 hours to assemble plus a little more for finishing.

Coot rowing to sailboat

Strip planked pram

High capacity yacht tender with sailing ability. Exceptional stability, suited to beginner boatbuilders

RoofRack in action

A small and very simple tender to fit inside a station wagon or on a roofrack, this little plywood dink will suit some one wanting a tender for their small yacht or motorboat.


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