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William Atkin

Scandal Skiff

The Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building launched this 14′7″-long Scandal skiff last summer. William Atkin designed the Scandal in 1924 to be a slender and fast boat suitable for use with a small outboard motor. Plans for the Scandal are available at On this website, the designer's description of the Scandal appears. “A boat of this kind offers a lot in the way of recreation; for the cruiser-camper it is ideal, being shallow and light, and thus easily drawn up on the beach or river bank anywhere.

Launching Date:
Fri, 05/17/2013

34′ 6″ Billy Atkin Tally-Ho Major cutter
WB No. 167

VENTURE, Tally-Ho Major cutter

34′ 6″ Billy Atkin Tally-Ho Major seagoing cutter; WB No. 167.

48′ Atkin ketch
WB No. 207

JOHANNA, 48′ Atkin ketch

48′ Atkin ketch; WB No. 207.

32′ Atkin ketch
WB No. 203

ERIC, 32′ Atkin ketch

ERIC represents a rare opportunity to save a pure cruising vessel of interesting pedigree. Her lines were scaled down and adapted by William Atkin from the famous Colin Archer–designed Redningskoites—the sailing lifesaving vessels of Norway. Appearing in numerous articles and in the book Of Yachts and Men, written by her designer, ERIC was, in 1925, the first widely publicized design to bring Scandinavian influence to American yacht design at a time when small yachts were first tackling ambitious offshore voyages.

34′ William Atkin Tally-Ho Major cutter
WB No. 199

STARCREST sail plan

This 34′ William Atkin Tally-Ho Major cutter would be, according to Maynard Bray, a “go-anywhere boat” once refurbished. We understand that STARCREST has new owners as of September 2012 and is now in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

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