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Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Six youths in GreenFleet’s after-school boatbuilding program launched two Bevin’s skiffs in April 2011.  They modified them from the original Joe Youcha design by raising the freeboard 1″.  The boats will be used in GreenFleet’s summer environmental education and stewardship program. Plans are available from the Alexandria Seaport Foundation. Click here for more information about GreenFleet's programs.

Launching Date:
Sat, 04/30/2011

Bevins Skiff photo

Hundreds of Bevin’s Skiffs have been built around the world. Now, you can too!  Thanks to the generosity of our friends at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation and Building to Teach, now you have an opportunity to build this boat, at no charge — as long as you build it with kids.

Family BoatBuilding photo 2010

WoodenBoat magazine introduced Family BoatBuilding at the WoodenBoat Show in 1998 in St. Michaels, MD. That year 60 families built their own boats in two days and launched them on the third day to thunderous applause from hundreds of onlookers.

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