After purchasing the plans in 2007, I didn't start building until 2012 when life, work, and materials lined up. MARIHØNE means “ladybug” in Norwegian and she is made from Douglas Fir planks/frames/knees and White Oak skeg, bilge keels, rub rails, and in the daggerboard case; fittings are copper rivets and bronze. I had no boat building experience, only general carpentry and cabinet making knowledge, so learning the language was challenging at first, but the plans were well drawn and once the idea of a fair curve took hold, the strakes of the hull went smoothly. Unfortunately a promotion meant that the work part started getting in the way and construction slowed dramatically after the frames were in and the center thwart installed; 90% done and 90% to go, I liked to say.. I was reinvigorated when we moved to Victoria, and I decided I needed to finish in time for the 2017 Classic Boat Festival on the Labour Day weekend. With lots of encouragement from my family (and some good weather for finishing outdoors) MARIHØNE was launched two weeks before the festival and was generously awarded Best Pulling Boat. She ended up slightly beamier than the plans (had to preserve the fair curves), but was well-admired by the people attending.

She is presently powered by 7 1/2′ oars made by Barkley Sound Oar and Paddle, tracks well, and is wonderfully stable as we explore Victoria Harbour. The mast and spars are started, the sail is ready for grommets and I look forward to trying her out under sail in the spring.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Simon Watts
Norwegian Sailing Pram/Lug/Rowing
Builder Name: 
Justin Olsen
Home Port: 
Victoria, BC
Launching Date: 
August 19, 2017