Bounty - Row Boat/Tender

A practical, strong, easy-to-build rowing dinghy or yacht tender and an ideal first-time boat building project. Build your own boat with our 45 page, photo illustrated instruction manual. Bounty is the ideal choice where a small lightweight, strong and functional boat is required. Available as a decked or un-decked version.

Key Features
• Long keel to provide directional stability.
• Transom will easily take a small outboard engine up to 2hp.
• Curved aft end of keel to help roll the dinghy up on end for storage or lifting onto a car roof rack.
• Sloping seat front supporting the aft seat provides extra leg room when rowing.
• Can be rowed by a person 6ft 4″ tall without oars hitting the knees.
• Three seating areas enable crew and kit placement to be varied to facilitate good trim.
• Three watertight storage compartments provide sufficient reserve buoyancy.
• Strong transom enables dinghy to be stored on end for extended periods.
• Optional strong points positioned within the fore & aft seats for storing on davits.
• Bilge stringers protect the bottom during launching.
• Rubbing strakes either side strengthen the hull and protect topsides from damage.

The bottom panel and frames/bulkheads have been designed to locate together providing a quick assembly method which accurately holds the construction frame in position while epoxy fillets are applied to the joints. This saves considerable time by ensuring accurate alignment of each part. The hull is made up of a flat bottom plank and 6 lapstrake planks each side. The kit instructions clearly explain the sequence of assembly and the techniques required to form strong joints with minimum effort. With the availability of oversize plywood sheets there is no need to scarf planking to obtain the lengths necessary.

Build Options
Creating a boat that is simple to build has resulted in a complex set of parts, the accuracy of which would be difficult to replicate by marking out manually, therefore to build your own Bounty you will need to purchase either a set of templates or a kit of plywood parts.

Design Specs

Mark Evans
Year of Design: 
8ft 2"
4ft 2"
462lbs loaded, 95lbs boat only
Oars or small outboard
Skill Level to Build: 
Available as: 
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