Design No. 165

A development from our very successful and popular Design No. 119 (17′6″ Pocket Cruiser) – a 19′4″ Pocket Cruiser in two basic versions:

Saloon version: good sitting headroom.

Doghouse version: decent standing headroom in the galley and toilet compartment and saloon; good sitting headroom in the fo’s’sle.

Designed originally for one builder in Germany, even before the plans are complete 18 of these boats are in build around the world – all the doghouse version.

The plans include a conventional laminated frame and backbone structure and a “ply sandwich” frame and backbone structure, the components of which can all be CNC cut. At this time (April 2016) one complete pre-cut kit is in build (from Jordan Boats in the UK); the remainder are either cutting the ply components themselves, or building the laminated version.

Along with the CNC files for all the ply components, which include backbone, frames, transom and floors, lapstrake planking, decking, coamings, cockpit structures, coachroofs, interior furniture — in fact pretty much everything that can be made from plywood, there are dimensioned drawings of the components, so builders who wish to mark out and cut the parts themselves can do so. In fact the great strength of this is that builders can “mix-’n-match” — getting some parts CNC cut and cutting some themselves. And, they can mostly “mix-’n-match” laminated components with ply-sandwich… ply frames for example with a laminated backbone (or vice-versa). This gives tremendous flexibility in build according to time, cost, available materials, inclination etc.

Design Specs

George Whisstock
Year of Design: 
5.910m – 19' 4" LoD
2.275m – 7' 6"
0.400m – 16" Board up. 1.300m – 4' 3" Board down
900 kg – 1985 lbs
Outboard in well in cockpit
Skill Level to Build: 
Some experience preferable – CNC version needs less experience than laminated version
Available as: 
Kit & Complete Plans
Complete Plans $65. Kit prices vary depending on supplier and amount of CNC material ordered.
Contact Information: 

George Whisstock
4 Bay View Square
Rockland, ME 04841