TOM THUMB 26, 28, 305, 330

Roberts TOM THUMB 26 or 28 or 305 or 330, study plans cover all three versions.

This is one of my favourite designs. Long waterline length, enough displacement so that it won’t be thrown around by waves and swell, shoal draft, strong and very economical to build. No wonder it is so popular. It can be built utilising frameless steel construction techniques, the object being to provide the undoubted strength of steel while allowing the construction to be kept relatively light. The plans for the Tom Thumb are only available for multi-chine steel or aluminium construction.

With a beam of  3.20 meters and headroom of 1.9 meters the interior is very large for a vessel this size. Her hull speed is a fraction over 6 knots. This vessel will take you anywhere you are capable of taking her. The large scale plans include full size frame patterns and you will find this boat an ideal first steel boatbuilding project.

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