1985 Crotch Island Pinky 26'


“GRACE B” was launched on the Fourth of July in 1985. She’s 26′ overall with an 8′ beam. She draws 2′ at the stern post and about 3′9″ with the board down. She is planked with Douglas Fir on Locust frames. The stem and stern are Locust and the keel is Douglas Fir. Her planking is lapstrake and copper riveted. Her backbone is fastened with galvanized steel bolts. She is rigged as a cat ketch with sprit sails. The mainsail is 204 sq ft, the mizzen 107 sq ft and she can carry a topsail of about 50 sq ft. “GRACE B” was built by Ernie Baird, a professional and very well known and respected local shipwright in Port Townsend and founder of Baird Boatworks, now Haven Boatworks; she was launched July 4, 1985. She was built from offsets given in Howard Chappelle’s American Small Sailing Craft. The design dates from about 1905 and was taken from a half model of a boat in Maine. Chappelle identified the model as a “Crotch Island Pinky”. The name of the model is derived from the island on which the builder lived (Crotch Island, now Cliff Island in Casco Bay) and the fact that she is double ended. The term “pinky” is a corruption of a Dutch term for a double ended boat. Since Ernie Baird built “GRACE B” he has sailed her all over the San Juans, Strait of Georgia and Barkley Sound all on her own keel. She is the boat pictured on the 1999 Wooden Boat Festival poster and she has twice been selected as the “Best Open Boat in Show” at the Classic Boat Festival in Victoria. She once made the 40 miles from Beecher Bay on Vancouver Island to Point Wilson in Port Townsend in 5 hours! She participated in the 2017 Race to Alaska (R2AK) — a 750 mile sail and human propelled only race from Port Townsend to Ketchikan Alaska. On the opening day of the 2017 R2AK she survived sustained winds of 35 knots with recorded gusts of 58 knots. She is so so solid and Ernie is ready to cast her off to her next adventurers. “She’s got another 30 years at least in her”. This is a gem of a boat that is very well known in Port Townsend. She is SO solidly built and ready to sail — just about anywhere!

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