22' Muscongus Bay Sloop


“SUSIE B” is a copy of the Muscongus Bay sloop "Ranger" in the Maine Maritime Museum, which is believed to have been built around 1890. Muscongus Bay sloops were general workboats of the Maine coast. They were the precursors to the Friendship sloops. “SUSIE B” was built to appropriate workboat standards, using traditional materials and methods. Construction was completed in 2008. The backbone, ribs, deck framing, cabin sides, and coaming are local Pennsylvania grown white oak. The planking and deck are Atlantic white cedar. The mast was a spruce tree from northern Maine, and the gaff and boom are sitka spruce. The sails were built of oceanus dacron by Dabbler Sails. All standing rigging is stainless steel with bronze turnbuckles. All fasteners, bolts, screws, drifts, and straps are silicon bronze. There is no plywood anywhere on the boat, and epoxy was used only for minor repairs of plank blemishes. “SUSIE B” is probably as close to the real thing as you are going to find. She is here at my shop in eastern Pennsylvania. She has been out of water for a couple of years and is looking a little down at the heels, but she is solid and all there. We are asking $12,000, or make a reasonable offer. We might even consider an unreasonable offer.

Contact Information

Rob Barker, South Cove Boat Shop
615 Moyers Lane
Easton, PA 18042
United States