Beautifully restored 11' Whitehall with sail, bronze fittings, Philippine mahogany hull, oak ribs, teak and holly decks


This 11′ Whitehall pulling boat and sailing dinghy has been completely restored over the last few years. Built of Philippine mahogany on laminated oak ribs with an oak keel, skeg and bow stem. Teak and holly plywood fore and aft decks. Stern built of Honduras mahogany and yellow cedar. Put together with West System epoxy and Monel staples. Carvel plank (not lapstrake). Bronze fittings, guards and embellishments. One rowing station with adjustable oak seat and foot brace. Mahogany floorboards. Mast & sail pictured fit this boat but are not in as good condition as the rest of the boat. She was built in 1983 from lines taken out of John Gardener’s book “Small American Craft.” He has lines there for a 13′ Boston Whitehall and those basic set of lines were enough for Ulrich Pakker to rescale the boat to 11′ length. $10,000.

Contact Information

Pamela Pakker-Kozicki
United States