Chris-Craft Collector’s Dream Find - Two Continental Runabout boats (offered in a single lot)


A pair of Chris-Craft Continental Runabout boats, 16 Chris-Craft boat engines, and multiple parts offered as one single lot. The two boats were disassembled after purchase with the aim of complete restoration so, with the parts included in the boat lot, the buyer will be able to completely reassemble each one, with the parts for one already partially restored. The boats and boat parts will be offered for sale as one lot, a Chris-Craft collector’s dream find. 1955 Chris-Craft Continental “Bull Nose,”  19′, Vessel, VIN: CFZ085280055D / CF NUMBER# CF 0852 BD. 1956, Chris-Craft Continental “Bull Nose,”  20', Vessel VIN: CFZ4143SA056 / CF NUMBER: CF 4143 SK.

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