CLC Northeaster Dory


CLC northeaster dory. Stitch and glue plywood, epoxy and fiberglass. Started in 2014, she was finished in the spring of 2022 for an article in Small Boats Monthly and taken on one trip. The boat has fiberglass cloth on the bottom three panels both inside and out, with three coats of epoxy over the entire boat. Bottom is graphite powder mixed with epoxy, giving a tough and slick surface. Topsides are Interlux Brightside polyurethane, she will need another coat at some point as there are some shallow scratches. Interior is also Interlux Brightside, with varnished thwarts, rails and Breasthook. Comes with two sets of 8’ spruce oars and one set of oarlocks. The boat can be transported on the roof of a midsize car. $3,500.

Contact Information

Tom Conlogue
Bass harbor, ME 14653
United States