Five Ply/ Crocker 40 sloop


Crocker's Boat Yard is looking for a new home for the well known, “FIVEPLY”. “FIVEPLY,”  is a project boat. The hull, decks, rigging, and keel are in good shape. She will need complete systems, most likely an engine, paint, varnish, deck hardware, keel reinstalled. There are no cushions and sails are in unknown condition. The boat is very simple and easy to work on. Restoration was started but lack of time and interest we decided to stop. Decks were glasses with epoxy. Cockpit was replaced around 2006. There was also some hull repair done along the keel and refastening done at that time. The interior was in good shape last fall. Please email me any questions you might have.

Contact Information

Skip Crocker/ Crocker's Boat Yard
Manchester, MA
United States