Fox River Boat Works, Detachable Motor Boat


Dan Kidney began building boats in De Pere, Wisconsin in the late 1800’s. He and his sons founded Fox River Boat Works and continued building boats into the 1930’s. They produced over 14,000 Duck Boats, but very few Detachable Motor Boats. It will take further research to nail down the exact year this boat was built and how many were produced. This boat spent the past forty plus years in a barn. A farmer thought to use it in his pond but never got around to it. It was restored last winter with the finest Petit paints and Spar Varnish. The boat is solid with no rot or softness whatsoever. Bonus! The boat comes with a matching wooden trailer built by the same craftsmen at Fox River Boat Works. The trailer is solid oak with the axle and suspension borrowed from the front-end of a 1932 Hudson Terraplane. This is a beautiful piece that deserves a fine home. Available for $4,800 complete, boat, trailer, and oars.

Contact Information

Larry Seurynck
Eau Claire, MI
United States