Free sails and rigging from Nova Scotia Schooner


Free to a good home; Sails and rigging from a 36′ Nova Scotia schooner. Sails are by David Stevens of Second Peninsula N.S. still on booms and gaffs. Stays etc. are still on masts. Masts are rotten but are there for measurements etc. My beautiful schooner spent a year on the hard in 1999 as I was recovering from an operation and the PAULINE D. became land sick and never sailed again. Other brass fittings, turnbuckles, bowsprit chains etc., can be thrown in. The main boom is 19′ and is the longest piece (for transport). I kept all this as I thought I would build a new hull but realize now I will not get around to it. The picture is in 1993, the bowsprit on the right is the BLUENOSE II. Sails, booms, and fittings are all stored indoors, standing rigging stored outdoors.

Contact Information

Michiel Duinker
Belleville, ON