Lapstrake Sailboat Christmas Wherry


This lovely traditional boat was built in Washington State by Charles Reynolds. This is his third boat of Walter Simmons Duck Trap Woodworking Christmas Wherry. It is in excellent condition an has been stored indoors and gently cared for. She is lug-rigged with a boom and topping lift, a very effective sail handling system, quality running rigging, sail by Gamble and Hunter, harken blocks, improved reefing system, yard parrel beads, belaying pins with brass shafts, and an anchor. This trailer is heavy galvanized and well maintained. There is a fitted canvas cover, two sets of leathered oars, and four bronze oarlocks. This a beautiful, well-equipped wherry for easy sail handling, rowing, rigging, and launching. The length is 15′ 5″, and the beam is four feet ten inches. For additional information, please call.

Contact Information

Perrysville, OH 44864
United States