Rare Lapstrake Mahogany Dingy


This fine-looking dinghy was built in Holland in the late 1960’s, with a plaque registered to architect A. F. Van Der Meer. It was the tender for a 60′ Trews design steel hull ketch motorsailer. The dinghy has been completely restored. It is lightweight (3/8″ lapstrake mahogany hull). Two people can lift and carry it easily. The dinghy includes a heavy built deck cradle. Dimensions: width = 4′-6″, Length = 10′, Depth amidships = 1′-4″, plus 6″ keel. Set up for a small outboard engine. Also has built-in bronze oarlocks for speedy rowing. This rare dinghy will certainly command attention wherever it is. Price $7,500.

Contact Information

Bob Robinson
10500 Mt. Holly Road
Charlotte, NC 28214
United States