SOLVI- 20' Faering, Strip Plank, Balanced Lug Sail, Carbon Sculling Oars


Specifications: Type: Sailboat and Rowboat. Hull Type: Faering. 20′ LOA, 4′-9″ Beam. Hull Material: Western Red Cedar, 6oz S-glass, epoxy. Ready to Sail Weight: 270 pounds. Power: sail and oar. Year built: 2016 Clear Florida Title: boat and trailer. Look for a write up of this boat's 2,200+ mile journey in Small Boats Monthly. Four oars and a sail. This boat was built with high performance and expedition safety in mind. Everything is premium grade and very lightweight. bronze/delrin blocks, NACA 0012 boards, clipper cloth sail, Posh II heat treated/pre-stretched running rigging. S-glass is a 20% increase in all attributes of the fiber. WinTech/Concept II oars, Concept II oarlocks (W/spares). Great Everglades Challenge Boat, easily modified to sliding seats. Ultimate beach camping vessel! Fast under oar and sail, nearly 7-knot hull speed.

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Seminole, FL
United States